My name is Victor.

I like to travel, write, draw, sing, cook and dance in the water.

I have over 10 years of experience in bodywork. I have done a lot of courses and training. I have learned a lot of techniques and I've used them for myself and other people. And yes, all of that helps.

But I don't offer you that. I am not offering you a resume. I do not offer you a past.

I offer you my presence.

Each session is always a discovery and a gift.

My mission is to support and care for a safe and neutral space, and to accompany you in your experience. Whatever it is. With my limitations and with yours.




The rhythmic and enveloping movements of this massage release stagnant energy in the body and mind.

The sessions are carried out on a stretcher, without clothes or in underwear, and with oil.


-reduces stress

-promotes relaxation

-relieves muscle tension and joint pain

-activates blood circulation

-increases the levels of oxygen and nutrients that reach the cells

-exercise deep breathing and self-awareness

-stimulates the senses



This massage creates vibrational waves that travel through the entire body to lighten and loosen both body and mind. Address tensions without struggle or effort.

The sessions are carried out on a stretcher, in underwear, and without oil.


-Improves movement, balance, coordination and concentration

-Provides relaxation and clarity

-Increases muscle tone and flexibility

-Provides energy, feeling of well-being and freedom



This massage takes place in the water and promotes deep relaxation and helps release physical, emotional and mental tension.


-Improves blood circulation

-Raises oxygen levels

-Reduces stress

-Accelerates metabolism

-Relaxes the nervous system

-Helps eliminate toxins



Bad breathing can cause many things. But, in essence, breathing is not the cause of anything. It's the effect.

Breathing is an indicator. A mirror. That's why there is no such thing as "bad" breathing. Whatever the case, it is always perfect. Because it shows us where we are. It offers us a starting point.

Your breath is your guide.

I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, release of stagnant energy, transformation and expansion of consciousness through breathing.

I offer myself to accompany you in an individual and personalized session. In a safe and protected space. To be able to go as deep as you decide to go.


-greater oxygen supply

-better physical and intellectual performance



-good humor

-mental clarity

-body-mind connection



In case you need to ask him or her something, if there is any problem or you have any concern, if you want to know if he or she has something to tell you, or if you just want to try the experience... I offer myself to establish a communication with your pet.



Barcelona/ Copenhagen

(+34) 661 008 592

(+45) 50 26 78 81