My name is Víctor. I like travelling, writing, drawing, singing, cooking and swimming in the sea of Cadaqués.
To me giving a massage is like meditating. I try to be present, putting all my senses and my heart in my hands.
I tested on me its benefits, and that's why i want to share it.
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In the sessions I combine two disciplines that have the same basic principles: CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE and ROCKING (BODY RHYTHMS).
In both the therapist is at the service of the person. That is, it is completely empty, he forgets about himself and gives all his attention and energy to sustain a space of love and respect. And, with the help of technique, he accompanies the person in the healing process without making any judgment.
All sessions are different. Sometimes the person releases stalled emotions. Other physical pains are alleviated. Or just relax deeply. Everything is fine.
In long term, the effects of receiving this type of massage are very deep, and positively affect the way we see the world and face all aspects of our lives.

1) Californian Massage:

It is based on the principles of Californian massage and Esalen massage, which originated in the sixties at the Esalen Institute (California, USA), where numerous therapies combining eastern and western philosophies and practices were conceived.
This discipline mixes deep relaxation with spiritual mobilization to treat both chronic discomfort and emotional problems and stress.
Unblocks stagnant energy in the body and mind of the patient by means of rhythmic and outflanking, listen, pauses and breathing awareness.
It is suitable for anyone suffering physical discomfort, who wants to deepen itself, restore vital energy or just relax.
It works as a therapy through the body, and each massage is unique and personalized.

-Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
-Relieves muscle tension and joint pain.
-Relaxes muscle spasms and cramps.
-Increases blood circulation and, therefore, the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the cells.
-Helps in stabilizing the hormones, and reduces anxiety and depression.
-Promotes deep breathing.
-Stimulates the senses.

2) Rocking (body rhythms):

"I lie down on the table.
I close my eyes and sigh.
I feel the weight of my body.
I completely surrender to gravity.
Nothing to endure. Nothing to load. Nothing to do.
Mother Earth sustains me.
A soft and gentle touch offers a smooth, rhythmic swing.
A wave is born. The vibration expands and travels through my body.
Energy flows to those places where there is blockage, stiffness or pain. The knots are rolled gently. The parts are connected.
I feel freer, lighter.
My mind relaxes. My awareness awakes.
The Whole blooms. "

This technique is inspired on Trager, Holistic Pulsing and Hamacados Armónicos, and is scientifically based on the principles of quantum physics. There is no real separation between body, mind and soul. Therefore, when we touch someone we are connecting with all levels of the human being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ...) not only with his physical body.
The presence, listening and neutrality are very important things to consider by the therapist to create the necessary conditions for a truly healing session.
Using movements that convey lightness and freedom, finding the rhythm of each body and playing with inclusive breaks, the therapist helps the person to become aware and change the psycho-physical patterns that limit or harm.

-promotes self-consciousness.
-increases muscle tone.
-improves balance.
-increases the capacity to respond to situations of danger or stress.
-improves concentration and mental clarity.
-promotes relaxation.


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* Barcelona: ESTRELLA Marmara C / Marià Cubí 78-80 esc. izq. entlo 1ª.

* Cadaqués: Platja del Ros.

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90 minutes 50 euros.

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